TAMEB Workshop on “Building Trust and Tolerance among Religious Institutions for Behavioural Change and Peaceful Coexistence among Nigerians”

Taking All Men Brother proudly announces the commencement of applications for a 7-day residential workshop themed “Building trust and tolerance among religious institutions for behavioral change and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians” for community, religious and youth leaders as well as media professionals.

TAMEB has identified the critical role community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders as well as the media play in promoting religious freedom and tolerance in any society, therefore, the workshop will educate them on practices and principles that will lead to an improved perception towards religious tolerance.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  1. Provide participants with knowledge on the major concepts of religious tolerance, as a vital tool for peace and harmony in Nigeria.
  2. Educate participants on freedom of religion or belief as a crucial tool for sustainable development in Nigeria.
  3. Enlighten the beneficiaries on the importance of religious tolerance as an integral factor in economic stability and national security.
  4. Educate the participants on their roles towards adequate awareness on the importance of religious tolerance.

Interested candidates should:

  • Be either a religious, community or youth leaders, or a media professionals.
  • Be passionate about promoting peace.
  • Be ready to become TAMEB Peace Ambassadors
  • Be interested in carrying out peace advocacy projects in their constituencies.
  • Be available to participate in a 7- day residential workshop (accommodation and feeding will be provided during the program).
Application Deadline:

The application closed on the 15th of February 2020 at 12:00 am.