Taking All Men Brother

Taking All Men Brother is proud to announce its first ever Freedom of Religion interfaith conference themed Freedom of Religion: A Panacea for Peace and Harmony in Nigeria (FoR 2019). The two-day event will hold on the 26th and 27th of June 2019 at the Institute for Church and Society, Samonda, Ibadan. The conference will host clergies, scholars and experts of the triadic religions in Nigeria (Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religions), as well as other stakeholders from various aspects of the society, ranging from the academia, civil societies and government to youth, legal and economy.

Why the Freedom of Religion conference?

Nigeria is a multi-religious country where freedom of religion is enshrined in the country’s constitution, but hardly practiced by adherents of different religions, especially the triadic religions of Islam, Christianity and African traditional religions. Despite the right to choose and practice the religion of one’s choice, social hostility prevails among different religions in forms of perceptions, stigmatization, discrimination, and persecution. The program tagged Freedom of Religion: A Panacea for Peace and Harmony in Nigeria (FoR 2019) is designed by Taking All Men Brother (TAMEB) to address and proffer solutions to various forms of unfriendly relationships among religions in Nigeria.

Summary of the 2-Day Program

Day 1: Paper presentations and Dialogue held on day 1

The first day will bring together experts from relevant fields to discuss the state of religion in the country, what the challenges have been and how our diversities in terms of religion can be harnessed and used positively. There will be paper presentations by experts of the triadic religions (i.e. Christianity, Islam and African tradition religions) and other relevant key stakeholders. Open house dialogues in form of questions and answers will follow each paper presentation. It will be highly interactive with keynote speakers from universities and other institutions of learning.

Day 2: Focus group discussion

Discussions held on day one will be streamlined and key issues identified, with all participants clearly stating the roles representatives will be playing going forward. Furthermore, participants will engage in focus group discussions where the practicality and workability of religious freedom at the family and societal levels shall be looked into. The roles of religious and non-religious leaders, the media, as well as the private and public sector, in the promotion of religious tolerance and inclusion in Nigeria will be identified. At the end of the program, appropriate policy actions on inter-faith peace and harmony shall be recommended to relevant stakeholders. This will lead to the production of a Communique to be signed by all participants and disseminated by media partners. There will be the creation of database of beneficiaries who will be constantly contacted as a means of sustaining the workshop outcomes.

For more information, contact us through the contact form, via telephone: +234 (808) 182 3323 or send us an email: takingallmenbrother@gmail.com.