Our Values

Community To build an organization where everyone feels a sense of ownership and dedication
Integrity To perform our duties to God and man in adherence to high moral and ethical principles
Diversity To be an inclusive organization devoid of all forms of religious, tribal, racial, gender or social discrimination.
Communication To be open and willing to share and receive valuable information aptly with all members, supporters, sponsors and partners of TAMEB
Teamwork To work in unison with every member, supporters, sponsors and partners of the organization, as well as being open and receptive to ideas of others.
Empowerment To create career and personal development opportunities for the public through our programs and partners.
Honesty To be transparent in the delivery of our duties.
Ethical To operate in an equitable, honorable and principled manner
Consistency To be known for reliable and steadfast delivery of our duties at all times
Partnership To collaborate with organizations with similar values key to achieving our goals.