Support Our Cause

An advocate is an individual who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. Furthermore, a TAMEB advocate is anyone who believes in our cause and is willing to lobby on behalf of the organization. Therefore, an advocate can support the development and progress of TAMEB in any capacity as a member, a volunteer, a lobbyist, an influencer, a supporter, a sponsor or a donor.

An advocate can support TAMEB in multiple areas such as: securing funding and relieve materials, making introductions and lobbying benefactors and beneficiaries, access to assets and resources, volunteering their time or expertise, media campaigns and promotion, attending TAMEB events and activities, among others. TAMEB advocacy is open to all regardless of religion, race, tribe, beliefs and practice, but an advocate must believe and uphold the vision and mission statement of the organization.

A member is an individual, group or entity who does not only buy into the vision and mission of TAMEB, but also wants to be actively involved in the development and progress of the organization. Our members are the real owners of the organization. It is their duty to ensure that message of TAMEB is effectively communicated and the programs of the organization are successfully executed. To become a member click here to register 

A volunteer is an individual, group or entity who genuinely wants to promote goodness and improve human quality of life in their community(ies) and in Nigeria. They buy into the mission of TAMEB and are willing to offer their time and resources to ensure the successful execution of the organization’s activities and programs. TAMEB volunteer do so by their own free will, without coercion and for no financial payment. Our volunteer program can:

  1. Broaden your knowledge of the Nigerian society
  2. Afford you an opportunity to support a cause you feel strongly about
  3. Help you make a real difference to your community
  4. Serve as an expression of your gratitude for help you may have received in the past
  5. Be a means of building self-esteem and/or confidence
  6. Be a way to connect with like-minded people or broaden your social circle
  7. Be great way to learn or develop skills and interests
  8. Be a pathway to enhance your work experience
  9. Enhance your health and well-being by getting active in laudable activities.

To be a TAMEB volunteer click here to register

An influencer or lobbyist is an individual, group or entity who has the ability to influence people that are decision makers, benefactors and beneficiaries of TAMEB activities and programs. You see the direct result of how the organization’s engagements will affect the lives of others and so are willing to use your influence to support the cause.  To be a TAMEB influencer or lobbyist click here to register

A donor or sponsor is an individual, group, enterprise or entity, who is a benefactor of TAMEB and its activities (either in specific community(ies) or across the country). We are open to both Nigerian and international donors and sponsors. They make resources available to the organization in form of monetary or non-monetary resources, or by granting the organization access to assets and resources. These donations and sponsorships afford our givers the opportunity to use their resources for the goodness and development of human lives, thus effecting positive change in the society. We generally recognize our donors and sponsors with acknowledgments during our activities, programs, special events, in our newsletters and reports. To find out more details on how to be our donor or sponsor, please send us an email at or click here to register.

A supporter is an individual, group, enterprise or entity who shares in our vision and will like to participate in our activities. Supporters are also a vital part of TAMEB, as they are proof that the society appreciates our endeavors, which is crucial for us in measuring impact of our activities and programs. To be a supporter of TAMEB click here to register.