Why is it important we understand other people’s cultures, religions and beliefs?

Understanding others will make us more tolerant of them, their culture, their religion and beliefs. By being more understanding and tolerant, we can live together in peace and harmony without fear. Studying and understanding other people’s faiths and beliefs does not make us infidels or unfaithful to ours. Knowledge leads to understanding; understanding leads to tolerance of others’ viewpoints. It is acceptable to have optimum devotion to your culture, faith and beliefs. It is, however, enlightening and mind broadening to understand other people’s perspectives and ways of life. This will lead to better relationships, communication and could help reduce the hatred, conflicts and violence in our society.

Interfaith Conferences, Dialogue and Workshop

We engage the religious communities and the public in discussions that build connecting bridges among various religious groups within the society.

Youth Counseling and Mentorship Program

We provide counselling and mentorship for inner-city teenagers and provide them with life skills that will help them become responsible adults.

I was amazed to learn that Jesus had very important role in other religions beside Christianity

Pastor S.B. Ogunfowokan
General Overseer, Christ Healing Evangelical Church

It is helping to unite Nigerian citizens who have been divided along religious lines

Mr. Sulaiman Adebayo Adegbenro
Religious scholar and Radio Broadcaster

TAMEB gives us an opportunity to let people know more about the truth of our faith and hopefully correct their negative views about us

Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo
Yemoja Priestess

I have gained a lot from the organization

adeyiga adesoji
Adejoke Adeyiga
TAMEB Member